Not sure what you need? Book a consult! (844) 898-1080

Not sure what you need? Book a consult! (844) 898-1080

QWO Cellulite Reduction

$1,440.00 $1,800.00

Choose a preferred location | Costa Mesa

Treatment Type | Mild

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  • Product Description

      Qwo is a new, FDA-approved injectable treatment that is both a safe and simple way to treat “cottage cheese” thighs or “orange peel” bottom. In other words, say bye to that pesky unwanted cellulite and usher in a new era for your body. We all want skin that we can show off but annoying cellulite may make it difficult to do so. You’ve tried hard by doing the right thing by eating right and exercising, but despite your best efforts, it’s not reaping rewards. It’s not your fault. There is something we can do to fix it. Qwo has been a game-changer because it is a simple injectable cellulite treatment that offers a dreamy, supple backside. 

      **A medical consultation is required for an accurate assessment and treatment plan.**

      **Pricing may vary per location.  Subject to change without notice.**