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Not sure what you need? Book a consult! (844) 898-1080

Thread Lift

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  • Product Description

      Get a youthful appearance with immediate and long-lasting results!

      Tighten, sculpt, and lift your facial skin with a nonsurgical Thread Lift.  If the skin on your face or body has begun to droop due to aging, youthful position with a Thread Lift. A Thread Lift is a non surgical method of lifting the skin for attractive shape and volume.  This will help you build volume and smooth out wrinkles.

      Restore your "v-shape" facial structure with a thread lift.  When you use a thread lift treatment, it can create a scaffolding to support the tissue and reposition the skin.

      Thread lifts will take 6 months to see results.  The procedure is a minimally-invasive technique to improve the elasticity of the skin.¬† This procedure is great for patients with a sagging skin.

      Treatments can vary 20-60 minutes.

      Benefits of thread lifts include the following:

      • Lift sagging skin
      • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
      • Strengthens and tighten the skin with collagen
      • Stimulate collagen production
      • Last up to 2 years

      Thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime. The results look natural.  The biocompatible threads will absorb into the body within four to six months of treatment.

      **A medical consultation is required for an accurate assessment and treatment plan.**

      **Pricing may vary per location.  Subject to change without notice.**