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Not sure what you need? Book a consult! (844) 898-1080

Weight Loss Transformation Program

$3,000.00 $4,726.00

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  • Product Description

       Introducing the Skin Perfect Medical Weight Loss Transformation Program 

      Are you tired of struggling with conventional weight loss methods that yield little to no results? Look no further! Welcome to the Skin Perfect Medical Weight Loss Transformation Program – a comprehensive, personalized, and medically supervised journey toward your dream body and improved well-being.

       Medical Provider Examination – Your Safety is Paramount 

      Before embarking on your weight loss journey, we prioritize your safety and health. A medical provider will conduct a thorough examination to ensure that our program is suitable for you and tailored to your individual needs.

      Virtual Consultation with a Certified Health Coach 

      Once approved, you'll have the opportunity to book a 45-minute virtual consultation with our highly skilled and compassionate health coach. During this session, we'll gain valuable insights into your current health, diet, and lifestyle. Together, we'll map out a personalized program tailored to your unique circumstances.

       The Skinny IV - A Monthly Boost of Nutrients 

      As you progress through the program, we recommend our Skinny IV, an infusion of essential nutrients that promote weight loss, increase energy levels and support overall well-being. You'll receive one Skinny IV each month, ensuring your body receives the vital nutrients it needs.

       Weekly Lipo B Injections – Accelerate Your Results 

      Lipo B injections are a powerful addition to your weight loss regimen. Administered weekly, these injections boost metabolism, aid in fat breakdown, and accelerate your journey to a slimmer you.

       Essential Supplements for Optimal Health 

      We care about your overall well-being. As part of the program, we provide carefully selected supplements that complement your weight loss journey and support your body throughout the process. Our supplement package includes Orthomolecular support, Fiber, Collagen, and Methy B12. (30ct)

       Health Coaching – Your Guide to Success 

      To ensure your success, our health coaching sessions are designed to empower and motivate you. You'll receive six 30-minute coaching sessions, providing you with continuous support and accountability throughout your weight loss journey.

      Special Pricing for Our 3-Month Program 

      We believe that achieving your weight loss goals shouldn't be a financial burden. 

      • Our exclusive 3-month program

      • Valued at $4,726

      • Now available at a discounted 

      • Price of $3,000 including:

      ✅1 Vial of  Semaglutide Shipped to you ($2,500 value)

      ✅ 3 Skinny IV Infusions ($525 value)

      ✅ 12 Lipo B Injections ($300 value)

      ✅ Medical grade supplements ($101 value)

      ✅ One 45-Minute Health Consultation with Coach ($200 value)

      ✅ (6) 30-Minute Health Coaching Sessions ($750 value)

      **A medical consultation is required for an accurate assessment and treatment plan.**

      **Pricing may vary per location.  Subject to change without notice.**